EMAT Thickness Measurement Robot

● No expensive scaffolding, no backbreaking surface preparation! Best of all, no water, no couplant and no mess!
● The EMAT (Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer) thickness measurement robot is a flexible and versatile tool for corrosion/erosion inspectionon ferromagnetic equipment such as pipes, vessels, tanks in power generation, refining, petrochemical and other industries. The integrated EMAT sensor can tolerate paint, coating, and rough surface.
● With the strong magnetic wheels, the robot can climb up 25 meters (82 feet) above the ground. Operator can control the robot remotely through a hand-hold controller or a touch-screen industrial-grade tablet while monitoring the robot surrounding from the front and rear cameras.

1 Key Product Features
No expensive scaffolding. Equipped with two high strength magneticwheels, the crawler can climb up 25 meters (82 feet) above the ground. Front and rear cameras provide live-feed video surrounding the robot to the remote operator for safe and accurate control.


 No backbreaking surface preparation. The advanced EMAT sensor can tolerate paint and coating up to 4 mm (0.16”) and rough surface. Non-perpendicularity can be up to 25 degree. No need ultrasound couplant, no cleaning required after inspection. 


Three thickness computation algorithm. The default auto-expert mode significantly reduces the influence of human factor and simplifies the inspection process. Two other modes, “single peak” and “peak-to-peak”, are available at the operator’s discretion.


 Compact design offers high flexibility on small ferromagnetic pipe, elbow and other complex surfaces. Longitudinal scan on straight pipe or elbow: Min. diameter 100 mm (4”). Spiral scan: Min. diameter114 mm (4.5”), circumferential scan: Min. diameter 250 mm (10”).


 Multi-mode operation: Quick thickness survey using hand-hold controller; Continuous line scan thickness profiling (B-scan); Programm able interval point-to-point thickness measurement.

Real time A-scan and B-scan display, large data storage and auto-reporting

 A, B scan
(Multi-line B-scan) thickness value list  

2  Technical parameters
Detection control cable: 25m
Thickness Measurement: Accuracy 0.04mm, Range 2~120 mm (Steel)
 Work clearance / lift off:≤4mm
Measurement non-perpendicularity (normal to the transducer/probe relative to the object under test):±25o
 Excitation frequency 3.0~5.0MHz       Measuring speed:16~1/s
The minimum radius of curvature on the surface of the object is measured: the longitudinal axis≥50mm, and the circumference≥125mm
 Sound speed range1000~9999 m/s、Adjustment increment 1 m/s
Gate function: automatic gate, manual single gate, manual double gate
 Video monitoring: both the front and back vision  cameras, dynamic and static pixels are 450,000/720x625
EMAT probe, the magnetic suction≤15N, circular Φ30× high 44mm, weight≤80g
Crawl device body size and weight (approx.) :L380×W130×H120mm、6kg
Working temperature: -10~+50℃
3 Device list
 Test host/upper tablet                                              1 Set
 MTC70 two-wheel magnetic crawler (Video and Thickness measurement module included)  1 Set
 Power supply and control box                                       1 Piece
 Control handle                                                               1 Piece
 Test control cable                                                          1 Set
 Standard test block (carbon steel circular Φ20 × thickness 10mm)       1 Piece
 Shock proof shipping case                                            1 Piece
 Safety rope                                                                    1 Piece (optional)
4 Application scene



EMAT Thickness Measurement Robot Demonstration 1

EMAT Thickness Measurement Robot Demonstration 2

EMAT Thickness Measurement Robot Demonstration 3

EMAT Thickness Measurement Robot Demonstration 4

DEMA70A Operating Manual ( control handle )

DEMA70A Operating Manual ( hardware )