DEU300 EMAT Thickness Gauge

The DEU300 EMA (Electromagnetic Acoustic) thickness gauge provides a non-contact ultrasonic thickness measurement tool for various metallic materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium commonly used in manufacturing, petrochemical, power generation and other industries. The device requires minimum surface preparation for thickness measurement because the EMA transducer has higher tolerance to surface roughness, paint, coating, scale, etc. No need for ultrasonic couplant is another practical feature particularly useful when measuring thickness at high temperature. 

DEU300 is a handy and powerful tool for various applications in harsh environment thanks to the compact design, A-/B-scan display, intuitive operation and data management interface.  



Key Product Features

- No couplant, minimum surface preparation. The advanced EMA sensor doesn’t need ultrasonic couplant. No cleaning required after inspection. It can tolerate rough surface, paint and coating up to 4 mm (0.16”).  Non-perpendicularity angle (angle between the normal of the transducer relative to the object under test) up to ±25°.
- Three transducer options:

Permanent magnet EMA transducer for ambient application. Large penetration, large liftoff.
Permanent magnet EMA transducer for high temperature application up to 700°C.
Electromagnetic pulse EMA transducer for ambient application. Very weak magnetic force, easy to move around on the testing surface.

- Robust algorithm. Three thickness computation algorithms. The default auto-expert mode significantly reduces the influence of human influence and simplifies the inspection process. Two other modes, “single gate” and “two gates”, are available at the operator’s discretion.

-Temperature compensation. User can provide input of the actual temperature of the testing object. The temperature compensation algorithm can automatically compensate the sound velocity change, enabling more accurate thickness readings

- A-scan, B-scan (time-based) display. Data storage and inquiry. Flexibility of setting various measurement parameters such as gate, measurement mode and signal processing, etc.
- Built-in database of basic material shear-wave velocity. User can customize sound velocity value when needed.
- 50000 thickness values storage. 4000 A-or B-scan data.
- Integrated back LED light, convenient for providing on-site lighting.
- A wrist band on the back for easy one-hand operation.
- AC-DC hybrid power supply, built-in rechargeable lithium battery can work continuously for over 9 hours.
- Measurement data can be transmitted via USB to the PC for analysis and reporting.
- IP66 dust and water proof design, silicone sheath anti-drop and anti-vibration design, suitable for harsh field conditions.

Technical Parameters

- Thickness range and precision:

Thickness precision is 0.04 mm @ ambient range from 1.5 to 100 mm (steel)
Thickness precision is 0.1 mm @ ambient range from 100 to 200 mm (steel)
High temperature compensation measurement precision 2% of the range.

- Maximum allowable liftoff:

Ambient permanent magnet EMA transducer: up to 4 mm.
High temperature permanent magnet EMA transducer: up to 2 mm.
Ambient electromagnetic pulse transducer up to 1 mm.

- Non-perpendicularity angle (angle between the normal of the transducer relative to the object under test) up to ±25°.
- Excitation frequency: 3.0 ~ 3.9 MHz
- Measuring frequency: 16 times /s
- Testing surface minimum curvature diameter: ≥ 8mm
- Sound velocity range: 1000~9999 m/s, adjustment increment 1m/s
- Gate function: automatic gate, manual single gate, manual double gate
- Display: color LCD, 3.5 inch/320×480 pixel
- Communication interface:USB2.0
- Dimension and weight: height 195×width 90×thickness 40mm, ≤820g
- Ambient pulse probe: pulse type electromagnet, the minimum magnetic force, circular Φ30×high 44mm, weight≤60g, cable length 0.8m
- Ambient permanent magnetic probe: weak permanent magnets, the magnetic attraction force ≈15N, circular Φ30×high 44mm, weight≤80g, cable length 0.8m
- High temperature permanent magnetic probe and wand: the magnetic attraction force ≈ 20N, circular Φ45×length 250mm, weight ≤370g,cable length 0.8m. wand length can be customized.
-  Operating temperature: ambient probe -20~+50℃, high temperature probe -20~+700℃ (-20 ~ 310℃ can be operated continuously without special cooling. 310 ~ 700℃, intermittent operation, each measurement time ≤ 5 seconds, cooling interval time ≥15 seconds).


Range accuracy test (1-200mm, carbon steel, stainless steel) 

Three kinds of probe working gap /lift test

Three kinds of probe small diameter tube Φ6×2mm test

B scan, paint and rusty pipe test

-25~+700℃ accuracy test , 20mm Carbon steel, Stainless steel

DEU300 Operating Manual